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Being an Electrician and Business Owner

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January 4, 2023

When I first began training to be a qualified electrician, I believed that the most important thing is to be the best electrician I can be but I soon realized through experience in apprenticeship and visiting many homes that client satisfaction is the most important element in any business.

There are hundreds of perfectly competent electricians out there that will get the job done and this can make choosing the right electrician for you difficult. Choosing an electrician that you as a client feel comfortable with and can trust is valuable. The best way of developing this trust is through excellent communication.

Of course, it is amazing to receive feedback about how great my work is and how satisfied with the job our clients are but the reviews I value the most are the ones that celebrate our incredible service and the great experience they received.

When I set up Mr Fusebox, my main focus was to create a client journey. Not only to keep clients informed from the initial phone call consultation to the job completion but beyond that. I believe in keeping a personal but professional relationship with all my clients. 

However, I do understand that not all clients will appreciate the type of service that we at Mr Fusebox deliver, perhaps they have an unexpected electrical emergency and they just wish to get the job done and move on, but in my own personal experience, pretty much all of my clients have truly appreciated the level of care and respect we provide to all of our clients, whether they just need a power socket change or a full house rewire, all our clients receive the same care and attention.

At Mr Fusebox we work hard to ensure that all calls are answered immediately and emails within 24 hours. We also deliver same-day quotations after the assessment of the electrical project. I have gained huge respect from clients through this alone as they tell me that either other companies haven’t answered or responded to their calls or they still haven’t received their quote after a week of waiting. This can be hugely frustrating for clients understandably.

   Here at Mr Fusebox, the client journey and satisfaction is our ethos. We will take care of any questions you may have and keep you consistently updated with details of your project and any offers we have.  

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Hiring an electrician isn’t something to take lightly. We have heard horror stories of how a simple job has turned into a nightmare and we want you to avoid having a bad experience.

This free guide will help you make sure that the electrician you hire for any job – big or small – is the right one for the job.