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January 4, 2023

House earthing connects the neutral wires of every outlet to the ground, and whenever there is a short circuit or power surge, it flows through the earth rod to the ground.

    Since fully qualifying as an electrician over a decade ago, I have worked in many homes right across South East London, Bexley and surrounding areas.

   More recently most of my work has been within the Bexley borough and I have discovered a few properties with no earth current cable connected, which is (pardon the pun) very shocking!

   Unbelievably some of these homes had recent meter upgrades and the supplier had either not noticed (unlikely) or chosen to ignore and not inform the homeowner.

   Having a working earth connection to your property is extremely important to protect you, your family and your home. Without an earth connection, you are exposed to electrical shock and a possible house fire.

Did you know?

Different companies own the electrical equipment in your home.

Electricity Meter- Owned by the electricity supplier you pay your electricity bills to.

Fuse- Owned by UK Power Networks

Fusebox- Owned by the homeowner, can be worked on by a qualified electrician.

GOOD NEWS! If you are concerned about the earthing connection to your property, at Mr Fusebox we can advise you on steps to take to ensure that your home is safe.

Also if you discover that you currently have no earthing connection to your property, firstly stay clear of any electrical appliances for your safety, then contact us at Mr Fusebox and for a small admin charge we can arrange for UK Power Networks to visit your property.

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